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Fireside - Avraham Gileadi Panel Discussion

Sunday Fireside - Avraham Gileadi Panel Discussion - May 17, 2015 from Color My Media on Vimeo.

A fireside held on May 17, 2015 features an up-close and personal interview with Isaiah scholar Avraham Gileadi.

This panel discussion includes Val Brinkerhoff, Elise Dalton, and Karen Prier.

Avraham is a speaker, author, father and a courageous human being.

Val Brinkerhoff & others interview Avraham about his childhood, where he grew up, moved, and how adversity and the study of Isaiah has changed his life. They also discuss the end-time prophecy of Isaiah.

Webcast Production by Michael & Nancy James

Interview Highlights:

7:50 Avraham's Growing Up Years in Nazi Occupied Holland during WWII. Spiritual lessons learned.
11:00 Development of his testimony of Jesus Christ during his New Zealand childhood. Drumming in a Rock Band, and why he gave up his Rock-n-Roll career.
13:50 What lead to his love of Isaiah and why it "spoke to him." Years in a Catholic Seminary to become a Priest.
Moving to Israel to study Hebrew and enter a Rabbinical School.
Conversion to the Book of Mormon
19:00 His conversion to the Book of Mormon.
26:00 1st Israeli Citizen to be baptized into the LDS Church. Orson Hyde dedicated Israel 99 years before on Avraham's Birthday.
29:00 What brought Avraham to BYU - Beginning research into Isaiah
37:30 King James Bible translation problems and why his translation is better.
38:45 & 54:00 Literary Analysis - Why his work is so different from other Isaiah Scholars, and how it created both friends and enemies.
42:00 Hugh Nibley and his other mentors at BYU.
54:55 What events lead to his excommunication and How Elder Neil Maxwell later reversed it.
1:01:00 The Servant and his importance.
1:05:00 Questions from the studio audience.

An End-Time Lecture Series with Avraham Gileadi

Avraham Gileadi will make his end-time-related work available to the public in a four-part lecture series centered on the message of Isaiah and on preparing for the return of our Lord. Four consecutive Wednesdays from May 27 to June 17, 2015.