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Isaiah Workshop 2

17-18th March, 2017, Zermatt Resort, Midway, Utah

The Isaiah Institute Offers a Second Interactive Isaiah Workshop
by Avraham Gileadi Ph.D.

Learn the Tools to Search and Decode Isaiah,
Then Make Your Own Fun and Exciting Discoveries!

Bernese Center, Zermatt Resort, 784 Resort Drive, Midway, Utah, 84049

Friday Schedule: Please arrive early!
7.00-7.10 pm. Jessica Jackson—Welcome and Opening Prayer. Caroline Durham & Claire David, violins, Alder Durham, cello—"Joseph Smith's First Vision."
7.10–8.30 pm. Lecture 1: "Where Do the Scriptures Support an End-Time Callout?"
8.30–9.00 pm. Questions from the Audience.

Saturday Schedule: Please arrive early!
9.00-9.10 am. Matthew Caldwell—Vocal Performance.
9.10 am–12.00 pm. Workshop 1: “Isaiah's Ascending Spiritual Levels and God's Covenants that Pertain to Each.”
12.00–1.30 pm. Lunch—On your own.
1.30-1.40 pm. Emily Barneck, vocalist—"Guide Me to Thee."
1.40–3.00 pm. Workshop 2: “How Isaiah's Literary Features Transform His Prophecy from Historical Events into an Allegory of the End-Time?”
3.00-3.10 pm. Gretchen Durham—Communal Hebrew Dance.
3.10–4.00 pm. Lecture 2: "Defining Ephraim's Birthright Role of Saving Israel's Twelve Tribes."

Registration: See below.
Preregistration (before 28th February 2017) for entire event—$60.
Registration (after 28th February) for entire event—$80.
Registration for Friday evening only—$25; Saturday only—$60.

Pre-Registration is now CLOSED. If you haven't registered yet, please do so at the event.
There are no tickets.
The names of all registrants who have paid ahead of time will be kept at the event's registration table.

Parts of the Isaiah Workshop will be recorded on video for later distribution. However, it can’t be live streamed because much of it is class work under supervision.

The Zermatt Resort offers both a restaurant and snack shop at your discretion.

Overnight Accommodation: For Isaiah Workshop concession rooms Friday night only, click on:

Enjoy a fun instructive weekend in alpine surroundings!
Mix & mingle with friends old and new!


  1. Question. Will the Dreams, Visions and Death experiences course be available at any point in time. I would love to attend, but am on the east coast. Cindy Ligouri

  2. The all-new eight-week winter 2016 lecture series is a continuation of the two eight-week 2014-15 lecture series and will be available as a webcast to those unable to be physically present. The entire twenty-four-week lecture series will also be made available as a download on www.JosephandJudah.com thereafter.

  3. I am so excited for this third webcast (I'm in OREGON) and I enjoyed the first two very much! Thank you for offering the webcast for those of us who aren't local. I greatly appreciate it.
    Lorrie Lou

  4. If I sign up for the webcast now can I access the sessions that I've missed?