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Covenants: God’s Parameters of Operation

We may sometimes wonder why God acts in certain ways, or why he doesn’t act. The answer is not as veiled in mystery as we may think. God always acts within a context of the covenants he makes with his people or with individuals. Even when God intervenes dramatically in a given situation, it is according to existing covenantal agreements. Understanding the workings of these covenants, therefore, gives us power with God to bring about change for the good. God’s saving influence under every kind of circumstance--from his daily spiritual guidance to a miraculous deliverance from death--can be traced to a covenant God made somewhere and with someone.

Chief among God’s earthly covenants are three models: 1. his covenant with Israel--the Sinai Covenant; 2. with King David--the Davidic Covenant; and 3. with Abraham--the Abrahamic Covenant. Almost all of God’s covenants, extending backwards and forward in time, follow these models. As no covenant God makes is temporary in nature, all endure. The first creates a unique relationship with a people, the second with a king to ensure the protection of his people, and the third with a patriarch concerning an eternal posterity. As these covenants’ terms entail increasing one’s personal commitment and sacrifice, so their blessings increase exponentially.

by Avraham Gileadi Ph.D.

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  1. It is wonderful to understand more about these covenants. Which type are the personal covenants we make such as baptism, priesthood, and in the temple?