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God’s People--This Time Around It Is Us!

Applying Isaiah’s prophecy to ourselves for our profit and learning, we immediately confront a number of inconvenient truths. Speaking for God, Isaiah holds us accountable for misfortunes that are befalling us as a nation. While we may attribute today’s troubles to freaks of nature, a poor economy, human error, etc., to Isaiah we have set in motion an escalating series of covenant curses. Israel’s decline and apostasy anciently precipitated a world war and the loss of privileges or covenant blessings for that generation. In Isaiah’s context, that historical scenario provides an allegory of an endtime scenario. If we miss that point, then Isaiah’s prophecy is of little use to us.

Our chief sins are our injustices to each other and our idolatry before God. Injustice takes many forms: enmity, evil speaking, persecution, inequality, graft, oppression, tyranny, etc. Idolatry consists of setting our hearts on the things of this world, taking us away from loving God with all our hearts--and our minds too! The effect is spiritual blindness. We assume we are right with God while religion in reality becomes a substitute for a true covenant relationship God requires. This cannot save us in the coming “Day of the Lord.” Still, there is a redeeming side. In that day, certain (spiritual) kings and queens of the Gentiles will serve as saviors to the house of Israel.

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- Avraham Gileadi, Ph.D.

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